Group Introduction

Xiamen Zhongchuang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 with registered capital of nearly 390 million. In 2012, it entered a self-built industrial park with an area of 24,000㎡. The company now has nearly 700 employees and total assets of 2 billion. At the beginning of establishment, ZHONGCHUANG ENVIRONMENT focused on the industrial high-temperature flue gas dust filtration, integrated R&D, production and service of high-performance, high-temperature filtration material and become the first public company in China for high-temperature bag-style dust collection. (stock code: 300056).

Through innovation driven development strategy, unremitting efforts and practice, ZHONGCHUANG ENVIRONMENT has created hundreds of typical performance in different industry fields, covering power plant, cement, steel & iron, metallurgy, petrochemical, chemical, waste incineration, biomass power plant and so on. Our business has been upgraded from professional filter bag supplier to flue gas island environmental management (dust removal, desulfurization, denitration ),waste gas treatment, wastewater treatment .The complete equipment of the power plant provides comprehensive service providers for the treatment of flue gas pollutants such as energy saving transformation and bulk material transportation.

The company has fully utilized the good opportunities of industrial policies,  cooperative effect of all fields of business, including service the systematic projects of industrial high-temperature flue gas cleaning, bulk material handling and storage system integration and optimization, energy saving, environmental protection and management.We strive to be a service provider of integrated system and engineering solutions, equipment, products and technologies, and devoteto become an international leading environmental protection group.

Accumulating small steps to thousands of miles, accumulating small streams to form a river sea; We do our best to serve the environment!







Speech of the Chairman

Setting sail and chasing dreams. The company has shouldered the mission of “providing ever-improving environmental services and realizing the harmony between human and the nature” since its establishment. Taking “For customer satisfaction, employees' well-being, and sustainable value of the society and investors” as the development vision; Our company insists on taking“equal emphasis on technological innovation and technological industrialization” as the development path. By the consistent efforts of Company staff, the company has been transformed from a professional filter material and filter bag supplier at the beginning of its establishment to a comprehensive environmental service provider, and gradually improved and expanded the industrial layout.

Looking back  the past, we are full of gratitude. Thanks to government leaders and friendly personage who have caredand  supported ZHONGCHUANG ENVIRONMENT for a long time. W Seeking development in change, innovating in development, revitalizing the national environmental protection industry as our mission, creating a positive result for the industry and society, and becoming a listed company;we are full of pride. looking back  the past, we  made great efforts through the difficult development path, and we left the footprint of our commonprogress.

As we looking to the future, there are full of competition and challenges. ZHONGCHUANG ENVIRONMENT,with  full of confidence,  will continue to move forward with brave behavior. In the strongly competitive market , we will not change the ambition of “stand at the forefront”, always reviving the banner of revitalizing the national environmental protection industry, pioneering and enterprising withdiligent management, gradually build the company into domestic first-class, global renowned and respected listed company and a comprehensive environmental protection company.

Riding the wind and cleave the wavesand setting sail to cross the Sea. ZHONGCHUANG ENVIRONMENT sincerely look forward to working with you to create a better future.